New model - Alex!

Today's batch of photos is of first time model Alex, who is helping us expand the range of body types that we can represent! We took a lot of photos with Alex, so there will be a series of updates featuring him. This first set is nude reference photographs, and Alex works with a bow and arrow and a staff prop.

Here are a few example images:

This release contains 10 images that are free to everyone, and another 52 that are only available to full subscribers. Thank you so much to all our subscribers, your support makes this site and photoshoots like this possible. :)



Polyvios Animations

Greatest inspiration on the more hairier figure poses I've ever seen.


OH GOD YESSS!!! These poses look super cool, the lighting is beautiful and more variety on body types is GREAT, I can't wait for this set to come up in my drawing sessions. Keep the good work, you guys are doing amazing. I love this app, some of your models are the best natural poses ive seen on the internet and its truly a joy to practice here.


Was pleasantly surprised on my daily gesture drawing today. Amazing poses!


I was delighted to practice this body type. Great addition!


Thank you!!

Elssa (unregistered visitor)

Omggg ive been looking for poses like this! This is amazing :D

Kim - Site admin

I'm so so so happy this is so well received :D


Thank you so much for everything you do for this site! I love the intentional addition of various body types

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