New model Sadeq

Today I am thrilled to introduce a new model and photographer to you -- meet Sadeq, photographed by Flash Studio.

There are 99 photos in this first release, all available to for everyone to practice with, regardless of subscription status! In this series, you will see that Sadeq is in motion in every single one of these photos, doing things like throwing, jumping, fighting and more. Here are a few sample photos:


Flash Studio has some other photos of Sadeq available for purchase over on ArtStation, for those who are interested in supporting Flash Studio directly:

And of course, thank you so much to all our subscribers, you make this site and releases like this possible!


Polyvios Animations

Way to go on your poses, Sadeq. Please keep up the awesome works!!


Great poses, Sadeq, thank you and Flash studio, awaiting them to pop up during class mode.


Time to practice some muscles yeaaahh!! Great work!!

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