New photos for everyone from Nymphaea

Nymphaea, a teen who uses the site to practice, spent a weekend at hotel Mona in Zlatibor and brought someone to capture images of the great time that she had there. She wanted to use her own photos to improve her artistic abilities, and share it with the entire community at the same time! Here's a sampling of the photos we're all getting today:




Thank you Nymphaea!



Thank you! When will the photos be added to the photo collection?

Harry Hacksaw

For some reason I always have trouble with foreshortening the knee in a cross-legged pose such as this. I am grateful for this photo to practise from.

Fang Jue xia (unregistered visitor)

I have no opinion.

Fang Jue xia (unregistered visitor)

I want to practice my shorthand.My classmates told me that this website is very good.

life’sblackblood (unregistered visitor)

Thanks for posting these! Some nice poses to add to my morning warmup.

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