Plus sized model photo bundles

I am so excited for today's photo bundle releases! Photographer Deirdre brings us not one but two bundles in our most requested body type!

Grab both bundles today for just $1.49 in the photo bundle store. :)


Deirdre has expressed a willingness to take more photos for us, so let her know in the comments what kind of poses would be useful for your practice.




Sanne - Site moderator

I have been DYING to get more plus size models into my rotation. Grabbed both of them!!

Something that I would like to see more of are poses where the body is more visible (e.g. bathing suit) because I think that a lot of people have a difficult time with body fat distribution. I am also so in love with the jumping shot and more dynamic poses would be FANTASTIC.

Andrew (unregistered visitor)

I love this! I agree with Sanne, I think poses that show more of the body could be really helpful! Maybe with clothing that’s all one color and/or a neutral color? The outfit in the images with the desk chair is pretty good, but it’s a bit hard to see because it’s a busy pattern and a black that blends in with the chair. Something white, neutral, or something blank that stands out from the background would be great! There’s a reason a lot of art models wear tight, minimal clothing in a nude color. Feel free to do what you’re comfortable with, either way, thank you for the photos!

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