Recategorizing the Faces & Expressions tool

The faces & expressions tool has gotten some extra love of late. I've gone through all of the images in it and re-categorized them, to hopefully eliminate or at least reduce the number of expressions that were in the wrong category. As a result of this review of all of the images, there have also been some new emotional categories added, such as "Contempt" and "Disgust." I hope this makes facial drawing practice smoother for everyone.

The new emotional descriptors were machine-translated, so please feel free to let me know if the translation in your language needs to be changed!

As a quality of life update, I've also changed the faces & expressions tool and the animal drawing tool to allow checking multiple boxes, so you can choose multiple kinds of emotions or animals to focus your drawing practice on rather than all or one. Of course, you can skip choosing a category at all to default to "all".


Merwem (unregistered visitor)

I love art

Merwem (unregistered visitor)

Ilike this line.

Merwem (unregistered visitor)

I hope to become artist


Thank you very much for putting the effort on this great practicing site!
I am really far from complaining, the tools are just great. But just to make you aware: If I select "Disgust" (and nothing else), there are no matches.

Please keep on the great work. I rarely log in, but I am using the site a lot for practicing.

Andressa Andrd

That's really cool news! I'm especially happy since I just decided to start practicing faces and expressions now. =)

Cynthia Schroder (unregistered visitor)

I love this site. It is very challenging and pushes you to work faster and better.

Humberto Rivera (unregistered visitor)

Es una super herramienta. Especializada! Definitivamente me será de gran ayuda para seguir avanzando. Mil gracias


I love this update, every time I draw I started to draw expresion I wish i could choose only the few I was focus on. So thank you for this paticular update, I made my day. :)

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