57 more rope swing foreshortening photos from Theo

There is an AMAZING collection of 57 figure study photos from Theo in the study store this morning. Here's how Theo describes it:

These pictures were taken with the camera on a timer mode and set underneath me swinging from a rope. Great for Foreshortening practice. There's a variety of lighting in this bundle, as some were taken at twilight while others were taken at mid morning.

You can add all these photos to your study rotation for just $2.49, and support Theo's photography for all of us as you do so! Grab them today.

Here's a little preview of what you'll see in this bundle:




Some of my favorites now get an addition, thanks a bunch!


Nice work, Theo!


Thank-you for your compliments Eshlost and Oregonian!


Wanna say thanks to all the drawer's as you all are awesome and great artist too be beautiful people to make more beauty thru your work of your skills so when u lay that ink to the paper you make them come alive.

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