Scenes and environments tool arrives in beta

A project we started years ago has finally wended its way to Line of Action - a scenes and environments drawing tool! This tool features interior and exterior architecture, natural landscapes, and even a few still life scenes. The focus to begin with was environments into which you might place those human and animal figures you've been studying so hard, but as the photo collection expands, I expect it will accumulate more still-life like images as well.

The environments study tool is currently in beta, and only available to members with full subscriptions. (Thank you so much to our subscribers and backers for supporting us!)

I'd love your feedback on where the new tool should go from here.

For example:

  • What sorts of tags do you need to be able to effectively sort these images?
  • What sort of time intervals should be standard for these? Does the 30 second starting place still make sense?
  • What emphasis would you like to see as the photography collection is expanded?

To facillitate this discussion, I've set up a forum topic just for this right here:


cathy (unregistered visitor)



Yay! I've been looking for exactly this! Thank you so much!

Kim - Site admin

I'm so glad it makes you happy! :D And of course you're very welcome.

candyangelo_drawws (unregistered visitor)

Might as well get the full subscription now. Thanks for adding this!

Kim - Site admin

You're welcome! I'm so excited it is worth it to you to sign up for :) Thank you for supporting us

凌霄 (unregistered visitor)



When will the free version be out ?

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