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Hello artists,

Self-teaching can be a lonely exercise. Students can feel isolated, uncertain what "normal" progression looks like, or worry that they don't have enough prior training to take over the work of learning.

One way we're trying to combat those feelings is by offering the forums here.

But the second way is by trying to spotlight some of you out there in articles, so we can all get a sense of who is out there drawing by our side -- at least in spirit.

If you have been using this site for two months or more and would like to volunteer to be interviewed for our blog, please get in touch with me! I'm going to ask you all kinds of questions about you and your art practice, and take that interview and turn it into an article like these.

Preferably, you will be able to share some old drawings, and some more recent ones to show your progress over the months or years. If you're comfortable with it, we'll also include a picture of you in the article about you, and a link to any online portfolio or other demonstration of your skills that you'd like.

I can't wait to get to know you better!




Sure I will do an interview. How do I post a picture for critiquing?



As an additional help, there is an app called DISCORD that's on phones, tablets, and PC. It's free and will connect you to artist community servers where you can share, get feedback, and be inspired to create more!

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