Site change-over scheduled

This is so exciting!! We are indeed going ahead with switching over to the new site THIS FRIDAY, September 7th.

This is not a once-and-done upgrade. There will continue to be major improvements and features added to the site at a rapid pace for the rest of the month after this change-over. However, the rebuild is now in a state where it is safe to welcome users, and we'd like to let you enjoy all the new stuff ASAP. Not to mention, programming aside, we want to get you all on the new server ASAP too! The new server is much better equipped to handle the demands of our community.

Want to refresh your memory about what's being built? Check out these articles to see what's already done:

What to expect

At 11am, PST (not sure what that is in your time zone? Use this time zone converter) the site will go down for maintenance. During this time, user accounts, forum posts and other user assets will be copied from this server to the new server, among other preparatory tasks. We estimate that this process will take 1-2 hours to complete.

The new server - with the new version of the site on it - will then "open for business," and our domain will redirect traffic from the old site to the new one. For most of you, this redirection will take effect promptly, and you'll be able to immediately resume using the site.

For others, you may need to wait for the domain changes to "propagate" to you, something that can take up to 48 hours (but usually doesn't.) You may be able to speed up this process if it's taking awhile for you by clearing your browser cache and flushing your computer's DNS cache. (You may want to bookmark those instructions now if you're worried, because when they will matter most to you, this site will be down!)

We'll keep you apprised of our progress during this transition via our Facebook page.

The new server has been showing significantly and consistently faster performance than this current one, and we hope you'll enjoy the faster response times as much as all the feature releases that are happening. :) I know I've been enjoying it mightily!

Backer rewards

Backer "gift codes" will be sent out to everyone who supported us during fundraiser via email on Friday (9/7), Saturday (9/8) and Sunday (9/9). We'll begin sending them immediately after the change-over has occurred. When you receive yours, you may choose to use it immediately, or you may choose to hold off a couple of months to apply your backer reward code if you want to wait for the major-update-dust to settle; totally up to you!

We've planned a big customer service push to make sure everyone gets their backer codes over that weekend, and will be posting lots more about what to do when you get your code, or what to do if for some reason yours doesn't arrive when the time comes.

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