Skip class segments and snooze photos

Hello artists! A few small but mighty improvements have rolled out over the last week.

First off, a new button that appears in class mode. Use this button to skip an entire class segment, rather than just skipping a photo. This can be useful if you were mid-way through a long class, but then lost your place due to a power cut or other unforseen event.

Next, we introduced a "remove photo" button for Doodler and Full Members. Hit this button to snooze a photo for 30 days, or remove it permanently from your study rotation.

Did you accidentally snooze a photo you actually like? Don't worry! Head over to the new "Suppressed Photos" section in your Account Settings to easily restore any snoozed or permanently suppressed photos.

I'm sure I don't have to explain how handy this can be for customizing your study experience to your tastes!

Thank you to all our Doodler and Full members who make maintaining and improving the site possible. I so appreciate all of your support!

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