Spanish translation launched

I hope all of those who celebrate it had a Merry Christmas, and to those for whom it applies, a happy first day of Kwanza as well!

It is my great privilege to announce that the Spanish translation of the site is now live. Thank you SO much to the volunteers who worked to help correct the machine translation. There were two volunteers who did the bulk of the work, and made this possible, and I will be forever grateful.

You can access the Spanish version of the site by finding the flag of Spain in the header, or use this link:

If you notice remaining errors in the Spanish (or any of the other) translations, please do report them. :)



Merry Christmas!!
The spanish translation looks great congratulations!
if i notice some areas of improvement i'll definitely let you know!

Kim - Site admin

Thank you so much!!

Juliancomplot (unregistered visitor)

Excelente herramienta para aprender a dibujar. Mi agradecimiento a los que lo hacen posible y dobles gracias por la traducción al español.

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