Two new photo bundles in the study store

Betsy and David Art Models are back with two more photo bundles! Hot on the heels of the free bundles they released for our whole community, Betsy brings us a premium Female Figure Model variety pack and David brings us a premium Male Figure Model variety pack

From basic standing poses to abstract forms, it's obvious that these two are professional figure models who understand what art students need in a practice pose. Many of these images feature natural light from a big window in the studio, and are good sets for studying shading and value.

Pick up each pack for just $1.49 to have access to these photos for life!

Go to the photo bundle store



Easiest thing I've ever bought. When art sites like these have stuff to buy, they are usually these too expensive packages that I'm never quite comfortable of paying, but the cheaper things up for sale like the doodler package and these photopacks were easy buys. Love having the opportunity to support the site!

Kim - Site admin

Great to hear! Glad you enjoy the photopack, and I appreciate the feedback. :)

HuiYang (unregistered visitor)

i wish the website better and better

Choi sungeun (unregistered visitor)

Thank you.

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