Window-lit poses, part 2

We are so lucky to be able to say we have another free-to-everyone bundle for figure study from photographer Theo. Theo's original set of window-lit photos from October is still in our study photo practice store, and you can get it here:

Now, he's releasing a second set of 32 images in that same spirit, that everyone can use for free right away. If you like these, please do consider picking up the rest of the set - or any of his other sets in our store! - to show Theo your support. :)

This set includes a wide arrange of poses, and a similary wide range of lighting intensities as the light shifts outside Theo's window.

Here's a tiny sample of what you'll see from this set:






Amazing, I love the third and fourth one! I'm excited to use them!!! :D


Great to hear, Tootie!



孙瑞涛 (unregistered visitor)


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