ArtByCe's Line of Action tutorial

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farhan (unregistered visitor)

you are a beautiful person. thanks.

Arya Morgan

Uau, her 2 min sketch is so much better than mine 5 min. Hope someday to get there. I found interesting that she begins drawing the ribcage, and without lines.

Carolyn S Pascual (unregistered visitor)

This video was super helpful! I am in my first ever figure drawing class this semester and with all the new restrictions of the pandemic our class isn't really able to watch the work of other students which I find really helpful for my learning style. Being able to see a new way of drawing has helped freshen up my perspective and given me confidence to go for it in pen! Even 2 years later this video is relatable, so thank you Ce for taking the time to make this.
Kindly, Cara


This was very helpful. I've been using the website for the past week and have shifted from a mannequin construction method to a more line-based method for the

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