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    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. Currently, I'd love advice on how to make my gestures more dynamic. When I examine my work, I feel like my gestures are especially stiff whenever I draw straight lines. Should I only use curves in my gestures?

    Thank you very much!



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    Hi, Namie nice to meet you!
    Even doe I'm not an expert these tips from the Book Figure Draw Design and Invention, might help you as it helped me

    1. Avoid the Symmetry, it closes off the form visually and does not allow for a flow between forms.

    In order to keep the natural quality of the human form a constant in your drawings, you need a use of line that continually emphasizes visual ideas of balance and movement.
    I recommend beginning with only a ''C'' or ''S'' curve, the main focus is on positioning one of the curve's apexes higher than the one that follows.

    2. Try more Asymmetry in your gesture.

    The Asymmetrical use of line is the main line used to be emphasized when developing a gesture drawing. By keeping the high points of the curves slightly offset, the eye is forced to move through them. This gives you the ability to have a great deal of control over where the viewer's eye goes and how quickly. This is one way of dealing with composition at a very early stage of drawing.

    Keep the good job Namie!

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    Hello Tonovz,

    It's nice to meet you as well. Thank you so much for the advice! I think I understand a little more about gesture now. I'll try my best to make my gestures more asymmetrical.

    Again, thank you and I hope you have a lovely day!

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