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    I did 1 hr class mode and i wish to make it better, and i hope to get a critique or feedback about make it better. I appreciate any critique and feedback so much.

    Thanks in advance guys


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    Good morning, nandopaath, it's me, Polyvios, and I'm a student animator and cartoonist. Doing great, how are you? Say, I love so much on how much a light touch you've got going for your 30 second and 1 minute poses. Greater job on those. And as for the longer poses from 5-30 minutes, I say way to go on your forms and proportions and angles.

    In the meantime, here's one smaller, littler suggestion. I love so much action and animation you've got going in your shorter warm-ups, but some of the shapes and lines in your more longer attitudes look or seem a bit too conservative to me. Would you kindly accentuate your hips and pelvises in your three drawn nudes, in 5 minutes in each pose? And as for your quick animation figures, please liven and animate your sketches with 14 minutes of 2 minute rough attitudes?? As a result, your gestures in your hips and pelvises will become more bolder and direct; and your lines of action and rhythm will become more gutsier than you've drawn them for the very first time. For more info on gesture drawing, I'd highly recommend the Youtube videos on quick sketching by Drawn Animator, Tonika Pantoja, and many, many more.

    My hat's off to you, and happy sketching.


    Thank you Polyvios Animations for the advice, i will try to do it right away, hope you the in the great condition always.

    My hats off to you too

    Ps: its my first time uploading critique and im scared at first but with this kind of feedback, it is reassuring


    Hey, I'm not really the best person to give critique, but I think that maybe you have so difficultly putting the right amount of pressure on your pen. Compared to pencil lines your brush pen lines are a bit jittery. You seem to like putting heavier pressure while drawing pencil, so when switching to brush pen, where you have to make your strokes very light must be difficult. I think maybe you should choose a different pen to line your drawings, like a ballpoint, or practice things like line control when using brush pen. But other than that, I think the fluidity in your drawings are very nice! I can almost feel the loose and tense parts of the pose :)


    Hey there!

    You're doing great! do not stop training no matter what anyone say.

    That said, try doing more of the 30secs, 2 mins and 5 mins. Truly, anything longer than that is not really gesture. It will improve your skills, but if you wanna grasp that concept of representing the essence, the rithym of the pose, with simple fluid lines, then you gotta think less and feel more, thus using the shortter timers helps alot in letting go of details to go for motion and gesture.

    Specific to the 30s , look for the head angle, then center line, then limbs. You dont really have to draw the volumes of the rib cage n pelvis cuz in 30 secs there isnt enough time for that at all, so no matter how much you train, in the end you'll just be with 3 ovals and no gesture at all. Trying seeing Prokos video on that.

    For the 2 mins and 5 mins, now you can consider volume. You're yet not drawing volume, but considering it to better describe the pose and the person posing it. Still, try to capture the angles, like from shoulder to shoulder, from the inbetween of the clavicles to the pelvis (center line). Try seeing the motion that describes the muscles to better design the limbs even if you not nich of anatomy.

    Still though, youre doing great. The real secret is not stoping, just go one step at a time.



    Thanks for the critics, i brought the brush pen but i got underwhelm by it at first and not use it frequently, i might try to use it again to train my line control. Hope the best on our grow. And thanks again for the help.


    Thanks for the tips, now that i think about in daily im only doing 2 minute pose, and never do 30s except when i do 1hr. I never think about focusing 30s to see angle and instead focusing to draw the masses. I try to do it, and thank you again.

    I do learn so much in Proko figure course, in fact im learning again his Anatomy course again right now (its my second cause i think i still miss so much when i do it last year).

    PS: Proko is a good teacher.

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