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    I tried it again and this is the result.

    thanks for the feedbacks.

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    You know, Idon'tknow, I still think that your figure drawings and quick sketches keep on getting better with even more time. What I like specifically is your sense of confidence and self-confidence of your gestures, edges, silhouettes and negative shapes and negative spaces, and relationships and tones. Don't be too discouraged, but it's not the end of the world, it's what we can expect from someone like you continually improving with greater progress and myelins and muscle memories.

    If I had to kindly pick out a nitpick or two, it would be just this. I love your gestures, but I'm still not getting enough of your intuitions in your bigger lines and shapes and organic lines and shapes yet. Would you kindly loosen yourself up more gradually with yet another 30 minute class mode of figure studies?

    By going for our 30 minute class mode again, then you can and will make your poses and tones less stiffer, and less rigider, but more dynamic, gutsier, bolder, and more powerful in terms of the tones and values.

    If you can see more of the tones that way, then you can and will make them less scribbler, and more crisper and clearer in terms of not just the values of the values, but more into the shapes of them.

    Good luck to you and your muscle memory.


    Quite a few of them look really good. I especially like the way you separated and sorted out the darkness values on the last figure, it clearly shows the volume and has a nice punchy visual effect to it, bit of a "That's how I meant it!" vibe.

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