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    Hey everyone, long time visitor, first time poster. I've been getting back into life drawing and trying hard to improve, especially since drawing figures has never been strong suit of mine. Below are a few of my 1 min and 10 min sketches, any critique or advice would be most appreciated!


    Thanks everyone!

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    Hi i think i can give you some advice i have recived myself.

    learing more anatomy and doing boxes insted of cirkles

    this book GeorgeB.Bridgman ConstructiveAnatomy has some great pictures and descriptions of anatomy for free. looking up pictures of skeleton and muscle groups is very helpfull too. understanding what the skin sits un anable us to draw more acualtly.

    your understanding of the picture seems to be quite good, i therfore think it is time to understand the form i depth.

    i was also once recommended this video HOW TO PRACTICE DRAWING ANATOMY (noob to pro) which i also found really helpfull in figuring out what to fokus on.

    hope this helps


    Well, honestly, Legacy55, I really think you're on the right track in terms of your figure drawings.

    Question: What is your recent goal?

    Critique: I love the light touch of the feeling that comes across the life drawings, but I'm not feeling there's enough of the exaggerated humor and funniness in the poses. Why don't you please caricature the lines of action just a little bit the most? though 30 minutes of 30 second warm-up sketches of manners?? (60 drawings)

    And you wanna know why??? It's because it can help make your drawings more funny, but with a light touch.

    And if you wanna see more information and details, be sure to look up the digital copy of Nick Meglin's Drawing From Within. But, if you need to see it, also be sure to sign up for your account, or guest account on this book on Archive.org.

    So, my hat's off to you, and cheers.


    nice work!

    i think you should focus on shape
    in 1 min just draw the landmark anatomy like head, spine, leg, and hand + line perspective, dont forget the contour line
    in 10 minutes dont to focus in face. add a silhouete to make more 3d.

    Keep it up!


    Thanks for the encouragement and help all! Polyvious Animations, my current goal is to develop a t-shirt graphic featuring a spoof version of live action TV characters, so I'm trying to elevate my figure drawing to meet that goal.


    I think these are quite strong! I don't feel like I am experienced enough to give much feedback otherwise yet. I do wonder, just as an experiment, what it would be like if you didn't lift your pencil while doing the quicker gestures? They would be messier of course but would you capture even more sense of movement and be able to keep your eyes on the photograph more of the time?


    Hi Legacy55,

    I like your 1 min sketches. I think they're really dynamic !

    My advice for the 10 min would be : don't focus on the face first. From your drawings i feel like it's distracting you from the rest. One piece of advice i've been given is that, when you're drawing a 10min, you should keep the quick flow that you had with the 1min, with your eyes going back and forth a lot. The difference between 1min and 10min is just that you have more time to draw the details afterwards ;) but don't draw any details before having the general figures. Then, focus on the contour, how the muscles show, etc. And then if you have time you can draw the hands and face.


    Thanks both, that's great advice!

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