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    hello im new here

    i would really like to get better at drawing (figures, hands feet, faces). please tell me what can be improved. its all 1 minute sketches. im planning to do longer studies in future


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    Hello theo, you're doing great! I really like the sketchy and scribly way you do your 1 min practices.

    However you may want to try and alternate between some sketches with more of a decided line(the CSI thing, check it on internet good sources are proko gesture video), but apart that the greatest improvement you can get, in my opinion is by learning about perspective and construction of boxes and cilinders from imagination, I can tell that rn your faces above everything else lack a sense of solidness, you can improve them by first studying perspective and secondly by studying the planes of the face; those topics should be easy to find anywere on the net.

    I hope this was helpful, have a greate day/evening


    Hi i Think your doing great with the time farme. My advice would be to move away from the circles and focus more on recognizing the shapes from the picture. It might be a little tough in the beginning but it's worth it over time. Good luck :)


    Hi, great work on your sketches. Maybe try using wrapping lines around form to indicate perspective, i.e on the upper legs. Also varying the pen pressure so that maybe later on its easier to separate the outlines of the form from the scribbles. All in all you're doing a great job.


    Well, well, well, tt_taniel, I love how much range of expression and movement and emotion you've got in your figures, faces, hands, and feet.

    However, I've got one tiny critique: I love how much range of action you've got in your gesture poses, but I'm not getting enough exaggeration in either one, especially in the hands and feet. Would you please free up your whole arm with 33 minutes of 30 second quick attitudes of hands, feet, heads, and bodies??? (1980/30=66 loose sketch exercises)

    The reason why???? As a result, your lines of action and rhythm will become even more boldest.

    For more information on sketching out your observations distinctly, here is a link to Nick Meglin's Drawing From Within

    It's from Archive.org, and if you're very interested in seeing the pages, I recommend you to sign up and borrow that book.

    Cheers, and I hope you've found this completely helpful.

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