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    I've been drawing almost every day for about a month now. Critiques on how to improve?


    I have no formal art training so any tips on how to practice are greatly appreciated! I have been watching proko's videos on gesture drawing. My goal would be to be able to draw poses from imagination, something i have a really hard time doing!

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    Hello. Where you doing 2 min sketches? I'm gonna asume that these were 2 min sketches.

    Overall your drawings are ok. Proportions look good. I can see from your lines the body position.

    I've noticed some unnecessery lines at the lower part of the torso on some of these purple drawings. Aside from that there is still room for improvement when it comes to lines. These 5 and 10 min sketches are nice. Hetching is ok but you could try to separate light and shadow purely by coloring the whole protion of shadows. It's just my preference.


    Nice job on your first ever 30 minute class mode, Fullmetalrunt. Greatest work, but I've got one more smallest of the smallest suggestions: Why don't you do your very first 5 minute drawing, flipped horizontally, pretty please, if you pretty, pretty please????? Why???? Because, you'll get a much most strongest idea of sketching what you see, rather than what you think you see, and second of all, your memory will be your most strongest of all your most strongest if you visualized it much, much better, in 300 seconds. (5 minutes) Hope you'll find it much, much, more, more, more helpful on your focus, for now.

    Polyvios Animations


    These are all really nice, although one thing I would try to focus on more is only using a few lines to get the minimum amount of information needed to understand the pose. You can do this with the 30 second poses. The only other suggestion I would have is to watch the drawing with force videos on Proko's channel, and see how Michael Mattesi focuses on the understanding of the pose rather than the look of the pose.

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    looks like we're in the same boat, haha

    in order to draw poses from memory, you, of course, have to understand how the muscles and bones of your subject matter move based on their reaction to certain situations, while doing different activities, etc. - something that i have barely practiced in! (eek!) because of that, i'm not the best advisor, but gosh darn it, i'm gonna try my best.

    you have gotten better at (1) recognizing the basic shapes that make up the figure and (2) refining said shapes into a more polished figure drawing, which is great! in order to understand how the body works, you have to observe it, which you have been doing by building up your visual library through drawing what you observe. hurrah! now i would say continue to do that, but experiment by constructing the figure out of 3d shapes (cubes, cylinders, you get the gist). i've tried this myself, and although i don't think i'm doing it quite right, it does help me recognize which part of my character is receding into space. and keep watching those art youtubers! most of 'em have more experience and can explain things better than this random girl on the internet!

    thanks for reading, and remember to get enough sleep -a mouse who has stayed up past her bedtime

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    My only critique is just completly make sure that you need to just a smidge more over exaggerate its a bit under exaggerated


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