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    What do you think about this sketch. It's a 10min draw with a happy face woman

    I can see various mistakes


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    Hey! Nice job focusing through the 10 minutes to try to capture the portrait.

    I think you can take some time in your practice to learn the proportions and structure of the head so that you'll be better able to capture the 3D form and likeness of the subject. While the features are important, I think structure and proportions should come first so that you can get a feel for how everything sits in 3D space and believability in how the features sit on the face.

    You can find a lot of resources and readings on the structure and proportions of the face, but one that I personally feel has been really helpful for me is Proko's Loomis method videos on Youtube which I will link here.

    Good luck and keep drawing!


    thank you, i will search the suggested videos


    WOW!! That's a very, very beautiful facial expression drawing you've got on your Google link, dina! That's so excellent. Nicest job EVER!!! What I love about this is how much gesture you've put into the construction with greater ease.

    My advice is this suggestion: I love how much speed you've felt into the broad strokes, but I am totally hooked on them obsessive-compulsively. (I think, to me, that's a very good thing) Why couldn't you please take it easy with 138 more minutes of 29 second funny face cartoons????? (138 x 60/29, 8280/29=286 loose drawings of facial exaggerations)

    And you wanna know the reason or two why??????? Because it can and shall, and in the future will have helped you with your looser and more unbounded feeling in your caricatures and exaggerations, and funny satires of facial expressions that tell stories and communicate characters and gags. For more than enough basic information, please check out these links: https://andreasdeja.blogspot.com/search?q=caricature&max-results=20&by-date=true https://books.google.com/books?id=R3VYtdXCGTMC&q=quick+sketch#v=onepage&q=quick%20sketch&f=true

    These two links are from two Disney Aniamation legends/legacies, Andreas Deja, and Shamus Culhane. The latter link is all text, but if you can read them very carefully, and take notes, you'll get to understand it.

    Good fluke to you, and I hope you've found these totally and absolutely concrete enough.


    I will visit the links. But by the way, I have already researched the first suggestion of the Andrew method and it is really fantastic. I used it and it seemed more evident than the old techniques that I knew and ended up not following because they didn't make sense to me.

    Thank you


    hello the results with Proko's Loomis


    with the name DD20210304- ... thank you



    It looks like you did some progress after watching Andrew Loomis' method to construct a basic head shape. I think you could get more out of it if you focused less on the details such as eyes, lips and hair and just studied the construction elements. Dp some exercises where you draw small boxes in perspective and then try to draw it from every angle. Rotating it up, down and around. This will give you a sense of 3D representation. Then construct the head and it's main shapes from that. First a ball, then the center line, then cut away a little bit on both sides, attach the lower face and jaw (be mindful of the big shapes and the angles they have in 3D, just like when you did the boxes). Once you get the feel for it then you can add the details and they will fall into the right places and angles more easily. Good luck!


    thank you, I'll do that

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