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    Been making 20 minute studies in 2B graphite and some 10 minute studies in charcoal pencil. I feel that I keep running into a wall with the graphite drawings, I'm not sure how to continue shading or improve. I'm new to charcoal as well, so any suggestions are more than welcome for those.


    Google Drive Folder

    The links are the same, if the hyperlink doesn't work you should be able to copy and paste the full url. Thank you!

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    Ihinfuo, I really, really, really, really, really must say that your figural forms are very well-defined and articulated. You've done a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very great job on those forms.

    So, if I was to suggest an improvement, that is, in the case of the shading, that your tones are a bit too monotonous for me. Would you please check out this link here?: https://line-of-action.com/storage/4911/LoA-1536480630.pdf

    The sound mind behind this is as a result, your shading performance will fairly and dramatically improve once you download this link on mastering your pencil's tones.

    Hope this've helped you out the most.


    You are making one mistake, that I am trying hard to beat out of myself atm. You fall in love with all the nice details of those pretty shadows, and try to assemble the pose out of them, instead of first constructing a clear foundation.

    Your indication of the ribcage melts unclear into the shoulders. Look up a few images of a ribcage, and notice, how it is eggshaped, with a pointy top. The shoulder joints, and muscles move quite independent of it.

    Your indication of the hip is way too small to really indicate much. Possibly, find some anatomically correct images of skeletons or the appropriate bones. Once you start to understand, what the muscle parts, that cast all those pretty shadows actually do, your shading will improve miraculously.


    Thank you Polyvios! I'll work on those worksheets, hopefully they'll help! And thank you Aunt Herbert as well, I'll do some anatomical studies of skeletons to try and get a better sense of the structure. You're right to point out that I don't know how to use the hips, I always indicate them but I rarely understand what angle the bones or at or what they would look like underneath.

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