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    Just started yesterday, and have been drawinf for about a yeah but really want to get better with anatomy, So im trying this for minutes 30 a day to see what happens. Thanks

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    Hey there! Hope this isn't too late, but I have some points to help you with your figure drawings :)

    - Strong and confident lines. This is particularly important in figure drawing as lines drawn in one motion are better than many small lines stitched together to make one whole line. Practice drawing timed figures in 2 min or less to help you make fast decisions in order to improve line quality! This may seem daunting at first, but just try to capture the general motion of the figure.

    - Mapping of the figure. I notice you don't have many construction lines in your drawings and I suggest roughly mapping out the general feel of the pose and the limbs. As mentioned before, "good" and consistent practice is the key to improvement! To improve on this I suggest drawing lines over existing poses to get a good feel of what goes where.


    Start by using lines instead of trying to draw the entire limbs. Start with the spine and try to break it down into simple lines. Honestly, the only way to improve is with consistent practice.

    Practice breaking down the body into simple lines and start from there by using timed practices! Good luck on your art journey :)

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