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    Hi Everyone,

    So getting into Drawing, never been really good, but fell I have got a bit better. This is my attempt at a ten minute scetch - it's amazing how quickly the time went!


    Many thanks

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    Nice drawing man, it show you really took the time you had and look for the most important things first and then went for a bit of detail with the time left.

    First thing, drawing look stiff, when doing this kind of practise, "quick sketch", "gesture drawing" and so on think of the limbs as snakes, ignore the bones (in the beggining) just for a few months. Try to draw them more loose, as to capture the rythim more then the actual shape.

    When you feel just a bit more relax to flexen that looseness then you can add a tiny lil bit of structure. For a while, forget detail, to begin with, anatomy is too far away for now, but dont worry, is just for now.

    Once that looseness matches with the bit of structure try learning about the body landmarks (google that) it helps alot when trying to get the proper figure in its desired position.

    Well, for now that already seems like alot to absorve.

    Have fun and keep on drawing.


    Time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Could you take a better phot of your drawings in future? More contrast. Well done on placing the drawing so well centred on your page. Enjoy the ride!


    Rakta pretty much summed it up, but something I want to add to that is you definitely show potential. If you really want to dive deep into art through drawings don't only do the ones on this site. Gesture drawing really is a good way to get started in your artistic endeavors, but don't only limit yourself to that, and keep at it. As you get better and better, you can get more detail in your 10 minute drawings. So keep hold of this one to look back on to see how your progress has been. I always find it interesting when I look back on my first drawings (I started with anime/manga style, I'm here for more realism and better fluidity) and then look at where I am now. It helps me with my confidence to see how much I have improved. I hope the same for you.


    Good evening PluggedMilk and welcome to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations. How are you doing this evening? Great job on your first ever attempt at drawing ever posted on this website. Great perception of the edges, lines, and shapes. Way to go.

    The gestures, to me, look a bit too stiff. And the forms don't look really anatomically correct, in terms of the proportions, perspective, and foreshortening. Would you like to loosen up your hands with a 5 minute drawing of a nude, and a 2 minute figure drawing in some degree of undress? As a result, you'll soon get better in your basics of rendering of the drawings in general, and more. For more info, and inspiration, look up this link from John's old blog. It has tons of cool, funny drawings of figures. They can help you loosen up your perceptions of the basics. Good luck to you, and I hope this has been inspirational and influential.


    Hey, you should work on your fundamentals, i would advice to study and practice perspective religiosly (there are plenny of youtube tutorials con how to get better at this, i reccomend moderndayjames or scott robertson channel) , if you have the passion/time for this craft. Keep drawing!


    Thanks everyone for the useful tips and advice! Very much appreciated.

    Wil try to improve picturw quality too for next time (it was scanned in, will try phone pic next time).

    Thanks again!

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