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    Hello! I'm looking for a way to lower the timer to ten seconds. I run a small life-drawing community and there's almost no resources for very short gestures.

    If there a way to use the pixelovely drawing tool for very short gestures?


    - Jack

    Please support Line of Action

    Support us to remove this



    Hello Jack!

    First of all, sorry it's taken us a while to get back to you! Second, I don't believe there are any plans for gestures that fall below the 30 second limit we currently have, but I will pass the suggestion on to Kim to see if this is useful and viable for the future. :)



    We're actually experimenting with a new setup that might make custom times possible, both in regular mode and in class mode. So fingers crossed, early 2016. :)



    Okay, so it was *late* 2016, but the wait is over! This feature has arrived, you can now pick any number of seconds to see each image. :)

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