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    Now that we have the new expression practice tool available, I'm going to try and re-start my quest to do 100 drawings of faces, each with a minimum of 5 minutes spent on it.

    With the craziness of my schedule, I'm probably looking at 1 to 3 faces per day.

    Is anyone else interested in getting on board the 100 face challenge with me? :)

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    That sounds like it would help me a lot, faces are definitely my trouble spot. 100 faces sounds like something I could do.


    Awesome! I hope to post a first batch tomorrow. :) Can't wait to see some of yours!


    I'll join :) I will post some tomorrow


    http://s22.postimg.org/7iaw1rash/linesheads.jpg not all great, but it has been a while since i drew heads with lines :D


    Love it, Yarnick! I can definitely tell who each of the models you were rendering were.

    Here's mine so far:


    Wow, Yarmick - your line control is amazing! and I looked through the face and expression tool and both of your pages (+ Kims) look a lot like the models! )

    I am somewhat intimidated(cause I can't draw likeness) but I will give it a go!

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