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    After someone said in my last post to try 30 Sg gesture drawings, I put my goal in that. Gonna say it was quite the problem at the beggining completing the drawings, but then got better. 20 days of drawings 50 gesture drawings per day. Ehh this ones are the best of the bunch. After doing this challenge I think I improved in my gesture drawings from imagination from 2 weeks ago. Now, I am gona try longer gesture drawings and learning anatomy, because I really have some problems doing gesture drawings that take longer than 1 min, because they look a lil more stiffy or the same that my shorter gesture drawings.

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    WOWWWWW!!!! I'm so in love with your caricatures, Choki, I love all your body cartoons! But, I've got one small request: Would you like to do 20 more days of 50 29 second gesture studies, pretty please? The reason why is owing to, your poses and line qualities will become more loosest, and the most liveliest. Hope and pray that you'll pass.

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    P.S. It'll be completely and totally beneficial.


    Nice fluid and bold lines and AMAZING foreshortening. The poses are really dynamic and I can see the movement. I understand that in this case the purpose is not the details and shading but I would love to see that.


    Very nice and fluid, like em a lot. First thought was that I would say draw through, second thought is where is the weight? when you take these 30 second poses down (at least for me) is to find the action. Some of your drawings look like they're toppeling over and I think this is because you're not thinking of the whole before the individual strokes. Anyways, thats my take on it, hope it helps!

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    Firstly, thank you for posting!

    nextly (:P)

    These have a lot of flow and weight. I can tell you've been practicing and frankly, I'm pretty impressed by your clean AF gestures. I'm not at or near your level of gesture abilities, so I feel the only thing I'm qualified to say at this point is to keep up the good work and don't give up!


    I think you have drawing the contours down pretty pat.

    There's no mass/ form indications in the drawings though. It would be very hard to improve how you are reading the contours with more time; maybe try to include the basic masses/ forms in the longer gestures.

    I would say my feeling is there's just generally "coloring book syndrome" where tones can be added, yet without them effecting/ informing the contour. Its always a struggle for me not to draw a figure and then "shade it in" off the outline only.

    Maybe try the side of a piece of charcoal versus the tip across the figure so form is "built in" more


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