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    im currently practicing gestures but i dont know if im doing good or going wrong way. i would be happy to be critiqued. please give me an opinion of yours !!

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    Good evening, KHJ2005, and welcome aboard, I'm Polyvios Animations and how are you doing tonight?

    Great job on showing the organic gesture drawing of your poses for one minute per pose. Please keep on pushing your gestures far enough. Still, I'm not getting enough of that bold stylization of the lines and straights-against-curves. How would you like to do 5 minutes of 30 second poses? The reason why you would draw this fast is because, you'll get more connected to the humor and feeling of the poses and expressions and such. The more faster you sketch out your lines of rhythm, the more fluid and flowing your poses will eventually become.

    Good luck to you and your learning curve.


    hi! thanks for the critique. you mean i should push, exaggerate the gesture and use straight and curve to show the shapes? whats the benefit of doing 30second poses?? hope i understood your intention well. thanks again!


    for me, it is so good for a 1 min gesture. Try other time duration and show us.


    thanks! ill try longer time and see what will happen


    OK, OK, Khj, here are the benefits of drawing in 30 second intervals, but there are plenty more along the way:

    Here they are!

    -work in the most extremes

    -loosest lines

    -lightest lines and touches

    -largest drawings

    -longest contours (outlines)

    -liveliest attitudes

    -strongest lines of action

    -strongest lines of rhythm

    -stronger lines of tempo

    -strong lines of balance

    Thanks for reading my benefits for you. Hope they have completely and totally benefited you the most.

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    Nice job, khj2005413 !

    This is a promising start. You have a knack for capturing the essence of a pose and translating it in a readable way. Try moving to the next level by spending more time on detailing the models.
    I suggest having the thinnest line possible for your basic structure, use a 3H or 5H pencil. This way, the basic structure will be there to guide you and won't get in the way of refining your sketches.
    And most importantly, don't erase ! Erasing just leads to repeating the same mistakes.

    Keep it up!


    Hi Khj2005413.

    I like your drawings very much and I can for the most part easily understand the pose you are drawing. My advice for you to develope would be to draw bigger. It will be easier to find the big long lines that are so rewarding in quick sketches. I would also suggest to have a look at Proko's "bean shape" on you tube. This is really helpful because it starts the torso and hip bone with round shapes. I would advice against getting a harder pencil like someone previously adviced. Stick with something soft like a 2B or 4B. I like Faber Castell 9000 Jumbo pencils in 6B for my gesture drawing. They are not expensive and lasts a long time. They might be a bit too soft for regular paper but for smooth and cheap "newsprint" paper they work very well.

    Good luck!


    Really great lines. Seems like you get the gist of it, now all there is to do is keep going! :)


    Like many people before me have stated, I think you've done a wonderful job of capturing the movement and essense of the poses! That is the point of gesture drawing, after all... They all also seem to flow very nicely, well done!

    One thing I noticed in your drawings was a lack of form.. (which, to my understanding, is basically how 3-D your drawing looks, if you didn't already know--) I think it would be benificial to break up different parts of the body into basic shapes. I see you've already have in some of your sketches, but I challenge you to hone in on that skill, using longer periods of time for each sketch. If you are struggling to find what shapes to use, I would recommend looking up 'art mannequins' and starting with those, then molding them into what works best for you. Of course, they're not the most perfect example, as they can seem stiff at times, but still, I think they are a good starting off point. It might also be helpful to take refrences of people and draw shapes you see directly on top of them, then to the side.

    I also saw some contridiction in previous comments as to what kind of pencil you should use for gesture drawing, and all I have to say on that matter is that you should experiment with many different types of mediums, and find what works best for you!

    All in all, you have a very nice foundadtion! You just need to refine your skill a bit. I hope this helped, and happy drawing!

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