1min gestures. i'd appreciate some feedback :)

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    the ones in blue are 1 min gestures (i think some might be 2min). the ones in ink are 5 minute gestures.

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    Well, well, well! Eteng, that's a lot of animation and life in those sketches you've got there!!!! Way to go!!!!

    Still, I've got one little request: I love how much vitality you've got going in your practices, but why don't you please caricature those bodies even far more through 146 more minutes of 30 second warm-ups? (146 x 60/30,8760/30=292 practice attitudes, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, or not.)

    In the meantime, what is your current goal as we speak?

    The reason why you would answer these questions is because, your figure drawing farces will become the least contrived, and the most loosest, freewheeling and the totally grotesque, despite that it might be all a bunch of scribbles. Not to mention, it can and shall help out your right side of your brain, positively.

    My lucky strike to you, and I hope you'll find these completely and totally encouraging and informative.

    Polyvios Animations.


    Look up this Betty Edwards video right down here:

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