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    Good morning/afternoon/evening folks, looking for advice and critiques! Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    Nsfw Warning: drawn nudity


    Drawing in a 4x6 inch sketchbook using a black maped color pencil, in case that matters. Have a good rest of your day!

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    Hello, IJ99, and welcome to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios Animations and how are you? Say, you're doing the greatest job on preserving your flow, elasticity, and fluidity in your 30 minute class of figure drawings. I love your nudest 10 minute pose. I love your black Maped color pencil for your lines. But I'm not getting enough of the elasticity and plasticity of your human gestures and anatomy yet. How would you like to kindly go ahead with 40 minutes of 10 minute poses, all done from your dominant and non-dominant arms?

    The reason why is because, your lines can and will become the most expressive and exaggerated, and furthermore, the most loosest and most lightest in the touches. For most details, please look into any of the Force Drawing Video Livestreams on YouTube, for you to get some inspiration.

    Good luck to you and your march of progress.


    Thanks for the feedback! I'll be sure to check out those videos when I get a chance.

    Would you mind expanding on what you mean by elasticity and plasticity in this context? I'm not super familiar with the jargon. Thanks!


    Well, IJ99, by elasticity and plasticity, I mean how much change of shapes, lines, spaces, and forms you can and will get by way of something called squash-and-stretch, the two contrasts of vitality and energy, and life, but still retaining the original forces, shapes and forms.

    OK? Thanks.

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    On the first poses you should try to make big curves that comprehend more parts of the body instead of subdiving everything in smaller shapes. take a look

    You don't need to put on a disclamer on NSFW content. The majority of all models are all nude ;)

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