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    Hi guys!

    I did my first 30 minute class session yesterday, hopefully the first one of many more to come! I'm not really sure what else to say, other than it's been a few years since I've taken an art class, so I'm a little rusty. Now I just do it in my free time!

    I am open to all feedback (I'm going to need it haha).

    Thank you all in advance!


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    Hello Jaded Tiger, welcome! I like how you have simplified things with your gesture drawing and that we can see a clear pose despite the simplicity. When you do your more finished drawings I can see that you started with the same stick figure base and drew around it. If you map out some basic shapes in the human body first (shoulders, rib cage, pelvis, knees, elbows) I think it would help with your proportions overall.

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    Hey JadedTigerScent! I somehow always sound like a stoner for some reason... anyways here are some things that came to mind :3



    Thanks Madammallow and Line for the feedback! I actually just found the 3 articles that talk about how to do figure-drawing and they also mentioned drawing the torso and other main body parts, so I'll try that next time around. Also, Line I completely get what you were saying about how drawing too small won't do the pose i'm trying to capture justice (if this wasn't what you meant, please correct me!). I've always had a bad habit of drawing too small, but I'll try to loosen up more.

    Thanks again!


    Nice dynamic poses! Once you feel comfortable with finding the line of action and getting the basic movement of the body down, start working on proprtions and anatomy. Keep up the good work!


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