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    Hi I did my first 2 hour class session and... look i was really tired that day so it might feel obvious why it doesn't look as good

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    Hello again Idon'tknow. Nicest work on your figures' analytical but most fully instinctual relationships, otherwise known as proportions and angles. Please keep up the most greatest work, but the relationships and negative spaces have way too much rigidity in the poses as the gesture has been way too watered down. Would you like to proceed to free up your gestures and angles with yet another 1 hour class mode, using only your non-dominant shoulder?

    The reason why? You can and will most gradually speed up your drawing muscle memories of figures and more.

    To Quote Daniel C.:

    Think Like A Gardener, Work Like A Carpenter.

    Take A Nap.

    And Adopt A Blue-Collar Mentality.

    Let's hope they can and will influence you for the best.

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