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    I've been drawing on and off for a few years. I knew about the fundamentals on year 2, but I've been studying them even more infrequently. However, I've been starting to do 20-30 2 min gesture drawings per day.

    Most of these drawings are traditional, but recently I've decided to do about half digital, half traditional.


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    Good evening, Eliciden, and welcome aboard. How are you doing this evening?

    Greatest job on showing of your range of silhouettes, interior negatives, and action in drawings. Way to go, and kindly keep up your greatest jobs.

    However, I'm not getting enough of your lightest lines where you would kiss the paper, or tablet, at your softest. How would you like to free up your longest and loosest lines with 31 minutes of 1 minute scribbles? (31 scribbles)

    Please don't do this exercise because I suggested you or for any reason, do it because it can make your personality the least stiffest and the most spontaneous, liveliest, and intrinsically motivated in terms of your storytelling and acting sketches for art, cartooning, illustration, and animation.

    "Learn how to think like an artist."

    Stephen Worth

    For most inspiration, look into the Daniel Coyle book on talent, then get the Betty Edwards books on Drawing the Artist Within, and the Right Side of the Brain. Next, get Fun with a Pencil by Loomis. Kindly take these things with the really smallest grain of salt, and we all hope they could help you out by the longest shot.

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