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    I took the criticism from my last gesture drawings and decided to take a little more time on these ones, please tell me what I can improve on!


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    Hi imokay! Thank you for uploading more of your gestures.

    You're definitely on the right track! Practice is key, especially with gestures. Your drawings are representing the depth and perspective of the poses really well. There are a few areas I would give some advice on, and I hope you find it helpful.

    If I may I would recommend working on creating lines that are more fluid. By this I mean using long, light strokes instead of many small, bold ones. To get this effect down, I'd actually recommend sticking to the shorter gesture times. Since there is less time to capture detail, you end up with a much more simplified, almost abstract form.

    If you can, experiment with drawing in pencil! For gestures, it's easier to get that fluidity, since with a pencil you can create different thickness of the strokes by increasing or decreasing the pressure on your pencil, and not by going over the same spot multiple times.

    You might be too focused on the outline of the figure as well. With gestures, it is less important to make the figure look completely accurate in their shape (proportion is still important but not the first thing to worry about here), and instead focus on what the figure is doing, what they are expressing through their movement. Think about the folds and stretches of the skin as the body twists, or the portruding tendons when someone is straining their neck and how it effects the muscles around it.

    I'm sorry if I'm not explaining very well. Here is a copy/paste from drawpaintacademy which might be more helpful:

    As you do not have time to merely copy what you see, you must make quick and logical assumptions about how the body works. For example, instead of trying to draw the lines and shapes which make up the model's arm, you will need to ask yourself...

    How is the arm connected to the rest of the body?
    Where are the joints?
    Are there any twists or pinches in the muscles?
    Is the arm facing toward or away from me?
    What is the contour of the arm?

    ( Here is the link )

    I also find a lot of help studying gesture drawings by the masters, such as Rembrandt's, which you can find with a quick google search!

    I hope any of this was helpful for you, sometimes I struggle with articulating things. Anyways, keep it up! Hope to see your next set of gestures.



    Hey, SodaGhost,

    I feel like you're just totally on the right track, on your latest figure sketches. Still, if I was to recommend an improvement, then it would be to just do 71 minutes of 30-second poses, on whatever digital drawing software and whatever tablet you're using there. Would you please go with this?

    The reason why???? As a result, if you work while standing up, while you're unseated, then you'll be able to take more advantage with drawing with your shoulder over your own wrist. Keep up the nice work. Cheers, and I hope it's been duckier and productive. For more details, please be sure to look at this link here?: https://line-of-action.com/learn-to-draw


    Ich finde sie haben sehr gut die Postition des Mensche eingefangen. Ich finde jedoch auch das sie dabei den genauen linienverlauf sehr vernachlässigen. Vieleicht versuchen sie in der zeit mal nicht den ganzen menschen einzufangen sonder nur einen arm oder ein bein und schauen dabei genau hin. Unter dem arm laufen muskeln entlang diese beulen sich mal aus etc. schauen sie genau wo die linien konvex oder Konkarv verlaufen. An gelenken wird es z.B. immer dicker.

    Viel Erfolg weierhin.


    You have captured the posture well but it doesn't really flow. Maybe you can use longer lines and also look more at the shape of the body parts (for example the legs usually have this little bulge of muscle at one side and a more or less straight line at the front).

    Something that helped me a lot with gesture drawings was drawing the most prominent lines and not desperately trying to close a shape. This is good practise to find the flow of a posture. Hope it helps :)


    형태는 귀엽습니다. 하지만 선이 너무 끊어져있어서 아쉽네요. 최대한 선을 길게 유지하면서 그리시는게 좋을꺼같아요.

    The shape is cute. But it's too bad that the line is broken. I think it'd be better to keep the line as long as possible.



    I think you should not to follow the conture lines ,

    try to break down body parts into simple objects like cubes and cylinders

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