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    1 min was too short

    idk if i should keep drawing this way


    tell me if link doesnt work

    Please support Line of Action

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    Hey fileto, just requested access to your Google Drive page. Hope you'd please granted it to me.

    Polyvios Animations


    sorry im late but i made the link public


    Each of the figures are super clear and really well drawn, to improve maybe you could include some mark making techniques to create depth within a few of them.


    okay. thanks for the suggestion


    I see a lot of "chicken scratch-ing" here. Especially since this was in 1 minute, your lines read as indecisive and nervous. I definetely think you should be working with longer times. Maybe start with 10 or 5 minute poses, and gradually work your way down. This way, you'll be more familiar with the anatomy of a pose and your line quality should improve! Best of luck :)


    These are not gestures but pure contour drawings. This video explains the difference pretty well!


    So yeah, I agree with youur time being too short considering the technique you're practicing here. You're focuusing on contour (it appears that's so, if you aren't attacking with a specific technique in mind then yeah this is contour), where you're focusing on the shape the subject takes up, you're drawing the outside of the figures a lot! Keep going with this at a longer time. But also start lookiing into gesture and loosening thngs up, getting into how the body can be broken down into shapes as well. When breaking down the body you'll improve by understanding where things begin and end, it can further inform proportions will beneft youur contour drawings in the long run too! Gesture and loosing up willl help identify how your figures "feel" as you establish weight and movement with your figures. For now continue with contour, I recommended this to the last person I critiqued but I thnk you could benefit from this as well

    the artist is good, so considering you're a beginner, they maybe a bit intimidatng. But pay attention to the methods they speak on, specificallly methods 4, 6 & 7.

    all in all, keep doing what you're doing! explore those other options soon if you can!


    I would say the time isn't too short, you use too many lines, as you try to go from details to overall structure. Simply increasing the amount of time might just lead you further down the dead end.

    Eventually you will have to learn to see and use overall structure first, before you worry about details. There are some very basic tips displayed by this site throughout the classes, about line of action and finding the masses of the body. A more complete and useful explanation of the concept, as it refers to the human figure I found on proko.com. The free courses are totally sufficient, and I would highly recommend them to anyone starting out with tackling the human figure.


    these actually helped. i will come back later with different drawings. thanks


    I guess each person finds their own way of dealing with quick gestures. What works for me is blocking masses and thewn finding the defining line that says it. I have difficulty controlling the fine line but am very comfortable with large masses with the side of the pencil or with charcoal..


    I agree that increasing time won't help. What you need to do is use bolder lines, and capture the gesture of the drawing. Looking up "How to draw gesture" and finding videos from proko helps a lot. Good luck!

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