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    Hello, I've been on and off from actually studying how to draw, but this is the first time doing it seriously with an art book and all. Below is a link to my 2 min drawings! I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thank you in advance, and I hope you have a great day.


    p.s. this is my first time using imgur, so I apologize in advance if there is something wrong with the link

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    Draw the line to a minimum and if you draw a lot, erase it with only one line left. And if you wake up and look at the picture again, you'll see a problem.


    OK, those are 15 individual sketches, which is a lot to critique. I'll try a general overview of my impressions instead. I like the curves, and I find your lines mostly very readable and deliberate, but sometimes you end up with a bundle of lines, where a single line would have been more convincing.

    Anatomy and proportions work mostly well, with minor mistakes sprinkled in between now and then. You emphasize the big forms, and avoid getting lost in details, which makes your bodies appear quite compact and gives them a pleasing stylized appearance.


    Krustykrab, what I love about your drawings is that you did a really greatest job on your quickest poses ever. All of your lines in general are the most perfectly readable and perceptable, despite that some of them are too itchiest and scratchiest.

    My problem with those lines of action, mood and rhythm, are what I've just said. Would you please loosen and liven up your lines with 4 more minutes of 1 minute blind contours, all drawn without looking at your paper or tablet or display?????????

    The reason why is because, you'd be able to warm up most always with the blindest and most reckless with your practices, but your line quality and consistency will be able to be the most fastest and appealing and cartooniest. Here's a quote.

    We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us-the sooner we get them out, the better


    Hope this will help.

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