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    Hey it's me again. I try to post every few months for some critique. The last 2 months maybe 3 I have taken a look at perspective and color theory. Just the end of last month, I started anatomy and it brought me back to gesture drawing. I am having trouble fixing the proportions during my gestures. Do you have any advice to improve the proportions for my 2 minute gestures?

    Take a look here

    Thank you in advance

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    hi itzhoyt! i think in order to measure out proportion accurately you should look up a proportion chart (you know, like 8 heads tall figure) and draw it. your sketches have a lot of potential! i think also using shapes for the main chunks of figure (head, torso, hips) will help you with structure. for limbs, try using curves (like gestural lines) instead of straight lines.

    you can also improve proportion by using 'landmarks' on the figure to designate where something goes (e.g. hand is in line with face, knee is parallel to shoulder, etc.) this is useful for more complex poses. it's a little hard to explain in text.

    overall, you're doing great! i hope this helped you!



    I think your gesture drawing shows promise. I like the focus on the line of action, but it seems your're having trouble having the form of the body flow along with it.

    The human body tends to flow together. Parts will stretch and pinch. Skeletal muscles flow along the bones as well. As you're drawing, think about how everything flows together in one continuous motion. While there's the main line-of-action, personally i found it helpful to imagine multiple lines, sort of like hairs, all flowing together to create an accurate abstraction of the pose.

    Hopefully this helps!


    Good morning, afternoon, or evening, itzhoyt, and welcome back. How are you doing? Greater job on your lines of action and balance of forms and poses of the gesture poses. Keep up the greater work, please.

    However, one of standing poses, from the second image, has an unnaturally huger head, and a more unnaturally vestigial head. Would you like to consult your head guidelines for proportions online or in books or both, then do a 5 minute study of that drawing, using that guideline in mind? As a result, your likeness will become more believable if you'd really use the 7 heads high chart, more or less, unless it's more deliberate choice for your cartooning of your realism in anatomy. For even more info and details, check out this video below.

    Hope this video has been completely and totally helpful and educational.



    Your drawings are excellent at capturing the movement of the character, I can certainly feel it when I look at them. If you want to improve anatomy with gestures, I suggest blocking out broad shapes of the body (hips, rib cage, etc) and comparing the sizes of these objects with limbs, etc. Also just as important with the line-of-action are the relationship of limbs. For example, if someone were to do a pull-up, their lower body would stretch significantly due to gravity, but the upper body (esp the neck area and such) wouldbe squashed together.

    Keep up the great work!

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