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    Hi! I've done gesture drawing for the last few months but it's never felt "right". I was hoping for some guidance :)

    My lines are quite light because I need to get away from being so heavy handed, so I apologize for any difficulty seeing the lines. (I tried putting it into a scanner but it actually shows up much worse, so I'm unsure if there's a way to make them more visible. And of course there are points where I don't finish in time)

    Here are my 2 minute gestures: https://imgur.com/a/tayPnvf

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    I just realized I didn't say please OR thank you. Oops that was rude of me.


    It's OK, Kuvia. So please use those two phrases next post. Upon looking at your 2 minute light-touch sketches, they look light to me, but not that light enough. Would you please be able to decrease your practice time by 30 seconds?

    The reason why would would and should be able to decrease your practice time by 30 secs is because you could be able to get more out of your forces, your forms and details with lesser amount of time. For further info, be sure to check out this video down there.

    The less time you spend on a drawing, the least likely you'll burn out.


    Good luck to you, and I hope this helps you out so much. Thank you.


    These are very nice. You have a pretty good sense of proportion and can draw the body well. However for a gesture they are almost too well put together, in my very humble opinion. Gestures are about getting a sense of the dynamic or the action of the pose as well as loosening up the artist rather than getting a good drawing. They can be as messy as you like and they can look like nothing but scribbles.

    In a gesture you also want to allow the lines to follow the form as much or more than the outline of the form, so you'll see a lot of lines moving through the body showing how it curves.

    I've attached a good gesture example below. When I'm doing a gesture I mostly leave my pen or pencil on the pad touching the paper through the whole thing.

    Gestures are fun and crazy, so there's really no way to get them wrong. Try letting yourself scribble them out with a sense of action behind the pose.

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