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    Here's the pic

    i focused on rendering the 3D shapes of each form rather than using a flat, symbolic representation of the features. I also tried to show a lot of motion in each study using a line of action. Does anybody have any tips for how I can improve my understanding of anatomy even more, add more character to my art , or show more expression? I would really like to challenge myself, I feel like I've hit a wall artistically.

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    these are good, the forms are nice and clear. personally what helps me add more character to my studies as well as learn more from them is by trying to create an exaggerated verion of my refference, as this pushes me to think about how the forms interlock and what ways to construct them are the most efficient.

    also, observation is key, an exercise i like to do is turn off all the lights around me and try to do studies without looking at what im drawing (only my refference), cause what it does is put you into a more intense observation mode while still keeping your hand active. when you aren't thinking about what your drawing is supposed to look like, you are more focused on understanding and learning the forms of what's in front of you.

    hope this helps :]


    That sounds like a really interesting exercise, thank you! And I'll be sure to try pushing the exaggeration even further to add more character to my art.


    I think you're already doing great! My advise would be diminishing the time for each figure, by doing so, you lightly pressure yourself to get the more details you can get in that limited time, that helps a lot to get a basic anatomical shape and, with the remaining time, you can add minor details. It can be a gradual process, increasing or diminishing the time by how comfortable you feel with each shape. I'd say to start with the 30s poses, even if you get a single line at first, but if that line itself already shows the course of action of the pose, you'll be already off to a great start!

    Hope this helps even a itzy bitzy

    Best wishes!

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