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    Hi all, thank you for the feedback a couple of weeks prior. I've been trying my best to draw every day, and here is my 2 weeks progress. I started drawabox.com and tried to incorporate more 3d construction. Please let me know what you think I should try to improve! Thank you!

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    Dear Fullmetalrunt,

    Thanks for sharing your progress with us! Looks like you've made great progress over these two weeks.

    However, I can see some minor things that can improve your drawings, please see the link below.

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VcRm61wy6ggcRl-iDFzyiPg4CNgOHpki (just in case the one I attached won't open, idk for sure)

    Good luck on your further practice!


    Hi Little Alex, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to give me such detailed feedback! I really appreciate it. I will try to work on all of your points today and moving forward!


    Hey there, fullmetalrunt,

    I'm looking at your 10 minute sketches, nice job on them, but, I've got one smaller thing I've got to tell you, that a vast majority of artists stuggle with every day: is the sketchy lines in the hatchings of your human anatomy, it's showing a little bit of rigidity, yet I'm not getting enough solidity, fluidity and life in those drawings, but otherwise, they're still fantastic. Keep up the depth and the complete accents on the knees of your poses. Hope it's completely and absolutely useful.

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    Looking at your drawings its amazing how you drew those within 2 weeks. The body proportion is amazing same goes with the posing and the way its in a style your own. I say with the amount of practice that you do its really pulling off. I say keep doing what you are currently doing and if you have some extra money to buy some books on the human body. As an extra boost to build up the structure to give the body a bit more detail, when you finalize your drawings,but in general they look really great.


    I can definitely see the improvements you've made over the past two weeks! Well done and keep up the great work :)


    Thank you all for the feedback! I will try my best to incorporate your advice and most of all, practice as much as possible!

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