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    Hi everyone! Me and my partner went to a live studio to sketch. We were hoping for some feedback and critique on ours. We are pretty hard on ourselves and recongize some areas of improvement like line work. However, we would still appreciate any critique no matter how obvious it may seem!

    Here's the link imgur for all three: https://imgur.com/a/vq8j8Pi

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    I believe you're focusing a bit too much on the contours and less so on the dynamics of said pose.

    I would heavily suggest you check out

    &list=PLTlZSPbm1zgJUT_CljARO0Z1xpCaFoY8O this playlist, but also Proko in general, he's one of the best resources available out there.

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    Welcome aboard, thesuperdupersayian, how my I help you? Excellent work on your solid forms and perspective, and proportions, and subtle foreshortening.

    Yet, most of the line qualities all look itchy or seem itchier, and hairiest and scratchiest to me, as they appear to have been drawn too tighter in the handwriting position. May I sugggest that you should and could do 5 minutes of 30 second figures, using the underhand position?

    It is for two things: 1) To get loose and confident strokes. 2) To not get too, too bogged down on the smaller and most insignificant details. For furthest information, I recommend The Art of Basic Drawing from Walter Foster. Hope this has been totally and genuinely beneficial.


    You have a grasp on shapes and decent shading skills however the issue is a lack of a proper foundation to build upon, and uneven attention on the overall drawing.

    For the first drawing it’s clear that the focus isn’t on the person sitting down, rather it’s on the fabric on the chair, with the person drawn after the fact thus giving this appearance of emerging from the chair rather than sitting or reclining on top of one.

    The middle drawing is better but also shows a lack of understanding of the importance of foundation, with one shoulder completely ignoring the rough skeletal area you made thus giving this malformed and sagging shoulder, also the lack of feet is made more evident by how much detail you put into the hands which are decent but are lacking in depth, which could have been achieved in the given time of 20-30 minute.

    The last one although not the most detailed or clean as the other two, it is the stronger drawing overall. I can roughly tell where the line of action would be, and the volume of the figure is following the foundation set by the rough skeleton. I can tell the model is sitting down and is slouching and might be leaning forward.

    Overall, it seems that a quick reminder in the overall process of capturing a figure might be useful. Remember, on average it should take you thirty seconds to draw a stick figure/ rough skeleton of the figure, a minute to add simple volume shapes, five minutes for contour lines, and ten minutes to add shading and highlights. This is done so we don’t lose track of time by overfocusing our attention on individual parts of a drawing rather the image in its entirety. It’s best to leave detail aspect of the figure like fingers and muscle definition for after the foundation is laid so as to avoid it being more of a distraction of the entire image rather than adding clarity as to what is happening in the overall image.


    Thanks for taking the time to look at my art and offering me your advice! we are going to take up on your advice and practice drawing underhand.


    Thanks for the advice! I appreciate you going over each drawing. We'll go back and familiarize ourself with gesture drawing


    Thanks for the suggestion! We are going to go back and focus on gesture drawing so this video is helpful.

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