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    (sorry it's way too big)

    I haven't done any anatomy studies in a bit, how does this look? I used graphite pencils and multiple colors of chalk and charcoal on newsprint after warming up with some gesture drawings. I feel like my technique is a bit off, but I'm having trouble putting it into words. Anything jump out to you all?

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    I can't speak to your technique, but the left calf looks very short. And the it looks like you struggled with having an even level of detail in your shading on the darker side of the figure. It probably should be at least somewhat less detailed on the dark side, but I still think it looks too flat.


    but I think that the tibia area is weirdly shaded on the right, and a little to high on the left. But besides that nothing jumps to my eye (idk if that's an expression in English but in French it is so... yeah)


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