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    I haven't drawn for a long time and I'm trying to re-develop my skills.
    I did a thirty minute class last night and another one today to try to get back into it.

    Sketches from the 2nd session are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10aJ6EYBdzTqoo0eh6hIMJiZdaJ66LLy5?usp=sharing

    I'd appreciate if anyone has any feedback.

    I'm mostly trying to focus on proportion/anatomy and form.

    I work in CSP and one thing I already think I need to look into is a diferent "brush" for the longer sketches, cause just making my "pencil" brush bigger is uh, not great for block shading.

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    That's a totally might outstanding job you've done, PoeRaven, although, I've got one littler request: Why don't you go for loosening up your forces, forms and more details in your very first 5 minute sketch of a figure pose, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please, please, please, please, please????? The goal why is because, you be improving your truest intuition of gestures and spaces of the human static and dynamic figures. Hope and beseech that it'll bear fruit for you and me.

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    Your gesture drawings are really expressive and capture the poses well! I am relatively new to critiquing so I don't have a lot to offer, but I can see in some of your longer poses that your torso tends to lose some of the graceful curve that connects it to the hips, particularly in the female models. Maybe you could explore the anatomy there and try to get it to taper a bit more?


    I really enjoyed the rendering on your first five minute piece, really blocks out the figure and gives a definite form to it. For your second one, it was coming along nicely as well before the time went out, and one thing I think that'd really help your speed is applying more or less pressure. The lines are all very one size, and even if its not as defined as it could be with more time, adding line weight to imply shadows or light could really help bring out a figure before run out of time.

    And for your looser sketches, don't be afriad to loosen up more! Some of the lines are pretty straight, I find even working with a slightly more curvy or "s" type of line when sketching out a figure fast can help imply more natural movement.

    Otherwise, great work so far!!

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    It's very nice I liked it


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