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    Would really appreciate critique on these 3 10 minute figure drawings - really trying to improve my anatomy. I am aware hands/feet are very shaky, will be focusing on that soon. :)


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    Good afternoon, mereology, and welcome. How are you? Awesome and wonderful job on your 3 10-minute figure drawings. Greater work on showing your range of motion, acting, proportions, angles, and forms. Keep up the great works.

    And as for your anatomy, hands, and feet are a bit too shakier to me, in terms of the gestures and action. How would you like to free up and liven up your forms and relationships with 2 5-minutes of pose warm-ups? Because you can reduce the rigidity in your gestures and poses and to get them to be and look more alive and motivated internally. If you're really curious about gesture drawings, then please look into the PDFs of the 2 Walt Stanchfield books. Good luck and I hope you'll find these things helpful.


    You can try to reduce the repeated lines.
    Think how you are gonna place the line. Line economy really helps.


    pretty decent work for 10min,

    i can see the line of action for each figure and the silhouette reads alright save for one that i'll mention later, but the immediate issue I think you can fix is the lack of confidance in where you make a mark as seen from the scratchy line work done in the legs and torso of each figure.

    I think you're rushing into making your contour lines before creating a decent enough foundaition to work from. For example the one figure that had an issue with it's silhouette was the middle one that was labeled evil, If you had properly set up a rough skelenton to help you position where the left shoulder and arms would be, the figure drawn woun't look like it has an arm protruding from it's chest (at least it does to me admittdly). Furthermore, a lightly drawn rough skelenton would help deal with the slight hesitation and impulse artist have to spend the several seconds or minutes trying to redraw or try to "correct" any lines made, which usually ends with the scratchy line work.

    Now on the issue of hands and feet, yes they can use work, but that shouldn't be the main concern in a figure study. outside of positioning (which is in important factor, don't get me wrong), their details should be secondary. How i usually deal with feet is to think how the bottom footmark would look, then make a rough prymid-like shape based on the position of the foormarks so i can get a rough idea of what the negative space between the feet is. As for hands, you need to either think of it as two boxes welded togeter ( the palm and the fingers), this could be hard with certain hand gestures, but as long as you know how to use negative space properly you should be fine.

    hope this helped you in any way, and keep up the good work.


    thank you so much everyone! this all helps a lot :)


    Looks great. Very expressive and I really felt what story you were trying to tell.

    I'd say clean up some of the lines. With anatomy less is more. Also improve the contours of your drawing as well

    Keep it up!


    You're doing amazing. My advice is when you draw, have 1 pencil which is light and have a pencil which is dark. Sketch with the light pencil and then go over in the dark one, it makes it cleaner.


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