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    It goes top-bottom left-right, though the change in quality probably reflects that.

    It's my first time doing animals, too, so any feedback is appreciated!

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    I think you have good eye, meaning you know when a drawing is good or bad. This is a great skill, but don't let this cheat you away from a good drawing. Observing from the repetitive overlapping outlines, I worry that your drawing strategy is to draw until it looks good. This means less consciousness on the lines you are making and letting randomness take over. My humble advice is to try to observe your lines as you are making them and keep 1~2 lines only for outlines.


    Thanks for the input! I'm still very clunky when it comes to animals (hence all the practice), so I follow a slightly different workflow than when I do humans. For humans it's stick figure -> flesh out forms -> adjust proportions -> details, while for animals my approach is block out shapes -> adjust proportions -> details.


    Great work on your basic, graphic lines and shapes of your animal sketches, msImpossibility. Very good job on, especially your 30 second gestures of your critters.

    I've got one smallest suggestion: I love how much gestures you've got going on there, but I'm not seeing enough of the negative spaces, forms and proportions here in any animal, doesn't matter which one. Would you kindly be able to pick any animal that you need to work on, and later do a quick but long 10 minute beast study??????

    The reason why you should need to do the 10 minute drawing is because, it can and will be fairly useful into getting better with your animal forms, proportions, gestures, spaces and anatomy.



    I think it's good, keep practicing, the more you practice the more your drawings use less lines to look fine, in your work some animals are confusing, i think their silouethes can get much better, just keep practicing and like others people have said, draw in negative, use less lines.

    Sorry if my english has mistakes, it's not my native language

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