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    It's been 4 days since I started figure drawing every day, and I did the Child's options for the bodies but mine doesn't look like children? I'm not sure what's wrong and what needs to be fixed so feedback is welcome.


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    Hey that's a good start and a good iread to train figure drawings.

    Without details it's normal that doesn't look like a children, the exercice you did here is a sketch exercice, the goal of this exercice is to understand the line of action of the model, and its general pose, if you like thix exercice you should try to go with more curvy lines, with all your arm if you can, to get a really smooth lines and shape, but TAKE YOUR TIME, don't rush this process ! take the time to observe the model and his lines of action, the way is body is.

    To awnser your question, to make your drawings more look like a children, some tricks work well, like cruvy and smooth lines, really round shapes, the head should be larger in proportion to the body than an adult.

    keep working you did good job bye !


    The thing that will help your figrues look more like children is to get a little more bulk on those lines. try adding gestural curves that allude to the rounder, more awkward silhouette of a kid's build.


    ReaDelila, great job on our gesture drawings of your children, showing a range of expresion and movement in your stick poses. Great job. Great job. But they don't look or seem like real children. Would you like to loosen up your cross-dominant/dominant hands with 5 minutes of 30 second quick poses of kids?

    The reason is, as long as you loosen up your own hand with that thing, then your poses and attitudes will become the least stiffest, and the most fluider and liveliest in your tykes.

    Good luck to you and your progress and quest for excellence.


    Hey ReaDelila! For a sketch of a child, with minimal details, it's pretty good! Reiterating what others have said, make the heads a little bigger and then make everything just a little awkward. A kid is trying to do a pose, but their limbs are shorter(which you noticed) than an adult's limbs, and that makes it more awkward than an adult. I'm no genius at drawing kids either, but those are helpful at pushing you in the right direction!


    I would make the head a bit larger in proportion to the body.

    In your next figure drawing, try to figure out the proportions of the model.


    torso = 3 of the head

    but otherwise, I think it is quite good.

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