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    Hi I struggle with quick sketches of portraits, epecially in the timezone 30 sek 1 min.

    I find faces really hard to grasp and therfore spend a lot of time thinking about the proportions.

    if you have any tips other than lots of these practice sessions, then I would love to hear it. :)

    30 sek and 1 min sketches

    1 min 5 min and 10 min sketches

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    In my opinion, 30s-1m is for expressing idea inside your brain. So just draw what inside your brain and put it in your draw, dont thinking that gonna be bad or something.

    Try to remember and focus in landmark of face, dont to much focusing on detail. Just let the viewer know if that was eye, nose, mouth, etc.

    That's all i can say. Good work!


    thx i agree i think i try to hard to make it look like the picture... still think im too slow but thx a lot :)


    Majavhv, your quick sketches, 30 secs and 1 min are still amazing. Great work on 'em.

    I just wanna say, I really need you to draw more broader and wider strokes in these faces for 60 minutes of 29 second quick sketches of expressions???? (3600 seconds/29 sec=roughly 124 quick studies of facial expressions and features)

    The reason why is because, your hands will be able to help you visualize those faces and expressions much better and quickly.

    Cheers, Majav!!

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