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    I used to do these things semi-frequently 3 or so years back so I'm trying to get back in the habit of doing so. So far my plans are to do one of the 30 minutes classes at least once a week.
    Order will be the first ten horror filled 30 seconds sketches, 5 1 minutes less horrifying sketches, 2 5 minutes and then the 10 minute one.
    This is both this weeks and last weeks gesture drawings:

    Any advice or critiques are more than welcome

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    Just dropping in to say I really admire your hands - there's a fluidity and energy to them that I'd love to achieve - the line weights in 4 and 5 from row 2 especially. Gorgeous. *thumbs up*

    Not sure how qualified I am to offer critique, but here goes: some of the full figure poses are a bit disjointed, like they're moving in too many directions at once. You might want to a) try drawing on a larger scale to force yourself to use fewer, but smoother and longer lines, and b) focus more on the underdrawing - line of the spine, chest/hips etc - again to simplify the pose.


    Do you have any tips/can you break down the process through with you draw hands in your gesture practices, GhostlyArtz? :) I'm really curious to learn how you get them down!


    For one, I apologize for lateness in replying, work has been rather hectic lately so I've been neglecting things unfortunately.

    For Sanne I am honestly not sure how to go about with answering this. I did a few 60 second hands a bit ago because I figured it may (or may not) help me with trying to figure a way to answer. I also (for the most part) included the hands that popped up during the 60 sec timer thing so the reference is also there.

    For the most part, I focus on the box (palm), thumb, noodles (fingers), (and for 60+ sec only) knuckles and the main wrinkles that pop up (usually around the thumb. I always start off with either the box or the thumb depending on which one takes up the most space or is the most prominent.

    Fingers I mainly use as simply noodles with usually only one sharp knuckle angle and just curve the rest of it. To be honest, I'm still trying to figure out how to draw hands and they are something are struggle with so I'm not really sure what to give for advice haha. I know some people draw fingers as three cylinders stacked together but it always looks awkward when I do that so I just do... long noodles. That curve. And are sometimes pointy.

    I don't know if any of that is helpful at all? Or if there is something in particular you'd want me to try to point out? (I can always just try to do a video next time I do a 30 min class or something of that sorts if that'd help answer your question?)

    And for EmeraldBoa, first off- Thank you :) And I will have to try out the second option, for the first, I actually use my entire canvas for the sketches and then shrink them down afterwards, so maybe I'll try using a bigger brush instead of the 80px one I've been using though? To be honest, with the full bodies I kept finding myself running out of room for the legs haha (but, at that time I was somewhat splitting my screen in half and had all my tools hidden away so it made it hard to do any adjusting of anything within the short time frame) Thank you for the feedback though and I will be keeping it in mind next time I do figure studies with full bodies! (I plan to do 3 more 30 min hand classes before moving onto anything else)

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