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    I've already given these a first pass with my own critique, you'll see my notes marked in red pen. please let me know anything I've missed or should specifically focus on improving!

    30-Second poses
    30-second poses and 1 minute poses
    1 minute and 5 minute poses
    10-minute pose

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    Hey Tacomuffin! First off I just want to say that I like your approach and if you keep this up you will improve fast! =) That being said I hope this will not put you down. These are just things that came to mind on your longer 10 minute pose. Hope it helps!


    Oh I forgot to mention one thing, you mentioned some of your poses were stiff, do you draw with your wrist or your arm? To get a good rythm or a "loose" pose try and make as long strokes as you can. The wrist usually limits you to small but precise strokes which can be usable when detailing. I prefer using the arm all the time cuz after struggling with carpal tunnel using my wrist I just won't risk shiet again :|


    Hey Paladin Ryczek, I can't see the critique you left on your first post. Both on my laptop and phone I see a box but nothing in it after the text


    Huh strange try clicking here or cant you see the img on imgurs site?

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