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    Good evening everyone!

    The link attached is of a 30 minute class study I did. I'm trying to become a little more expressive in my gestures but I feel like I'm failing. I think I might need in-person help rather than reading and watching videos. What do y'all suggest/think? If you've ever been in my position, what tips or practices best helped you?

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    Good evening again Thephilistine, but however I'm not thinking that you're failing too much, especially in your lines of action and rhythm in your figures and poses, so other than that, I feel that you're on the rightest track indeed.

    However, in order to make your gesture drawings the strongest in their looseness and liveliness. How would you like to time yourself with 90 more minutes of 30 second scribble figures, with a Timer app on your iPhone or whatever? The reason why is because if you do the timer app on your smartphone, then they can make you practices more than your addictive games, thus making your lines of action and rhythm the most totally and extremely liveliest and energetic.

    Hope this suggestion had helped you too much for you. Good luck.


    Very dynamic drawings. I like the way you put heads in position.

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    I dont have much to say because im novice myself too... But yeah you might greatly benefit from doing your studies with ink pen or reduce using much of lines - this is what helped me. And more of timed practice - 30sec - 1 minute poses will help you draw more loosely(i do 10-15 minutes of these a day)

    I also like to watch Vilppu or any cool big artists sketching process (new masters academy channel has some free demos)

    Hope it will help you a bit :)

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    Hi Thephilistine!

    You have a good start and you will improve if you keep going. After doing gesture drawing for a while you will learn to calm down as you draw, even very quick poses under 30 seconds. The key is not to draw more detailed depictions but rather to show more by generalizing what you draw. It is a good thing to warm up by drawing C and S shapes all over a paper again and again going both ways using light strokes and heavy strokes. This will loosen up your drawing arm and also make you more precise so that when you want to put down a stroke later, the stroke will land exactly where you intended it to.

    Check out how Stan does it. See how few lines he is putting down and still manages to capture what the pose looks like:



    Thank you Skeedadle. I started doing my figure drawing with my pen and slowly started to calm down my lines. I definitely think its been a huge help

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